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Swervin’ 54

Swervin’ In My Lane hosted by AllenMKEPW, 97.3 or kepw.org, Saturdays, 7-9 pmKOCF, 92.7 or kocf.org, Mondays, 4-6 pm Howdy folks, Welcome back to the rains. It may be my imagination, but I believe I see the greenery re-emerging already. This show pays homage to the coming of the autumn, gives light to new music … Continue reading Swervin’ 54

Swervin’ 53

Howdy folks, Beginning this week, Swervin’ In My Lane is broadcast twice, on KEPW (97.3) from 7-9 pm on Saturdays and on KOCF (92.7) from 4-6 pm on Mondays. Archives of the show should be available for two weeks following the broadcast on the KEPW archives. Once Covid-19 restrictions allow, I’m looking forward to hosting … Continue reading Swervin’ 53

Swervin 52 earlybird post

Howdy folks, With this harvest season, I’m reaping the blessings of your listenership and support for Swervin’. Beginning on September 11th, Swervin’ will begin broadcasting on KEPW, Peaceworks Community Radio in Eugene-Springfield on Saturday evenings, 7-9 pm, and then aired on KOCF on Monday afternoons, 4-6 pm. KEPW has a 2 week archive, so I’ll … Continue reading Swervin 52 earlybird post

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